Södra:Together, we´re part of Sweden´s history (external article)

We paid a visit to Klippan mill, one of our oldest customers, who we have supplied with paper pulp since we started production in Mönsterås in 1958. We even owned the mill from 1976 to 1989. “During the years Södra owned the Klippan mill, we produced fine paper, specialty paper, stamp paper and tissue, most of which were converted to different products under the Finess brand,” explained Lennart.

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Sales conference at Klippan MIll

Sales conference has been held at the mill with our agents for the European Markets. Presentation of our project with the new papermachine (PM11) and discussions and updates about our markets were presented.

Sales Conference 18 - 19 April 2018

Svenska Pappersbruket AB becomes Klippans Bruk AB

As from 1st February 2018 Svenska Pappersbruket AB changes its name into Klippans Bruk AB!

Along with the an ongoing investment in a brand new paper machine, company's new name is, in many ways, announcing a beginning of a new chapter.
For more than a decade, SPAB has been on a mission to evolve, expand and honor the legacy of Scandinavia´s oldest paper mill. The name itself reconnects the mill with its long history and deep cultural and industrial roots in Klippan.
Today, 45 employees are working hard to prepare the grounds for the oncoming expansion.

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Svenska Pappersbruket AB, Klippan Mill invests in a new paper machine

Svenska Pappersbruket AB in Klippan, Sweden invests in a new tissue machine with an annual capacity of 30.000 MT, start up planned for Q2 2019. Supplier will be Recard S.P.A., Italy.

The machine will have a deckle size of 3.200 mm, produce grammages between 14 and 26 gsm and an operating speed of 1.700 mpm. The rewinder will be equipped with 4 backstands.

The mill is a big producer of colored tissue base paper reels and supplies to customers worldwide.
The investment will further strengthen the mill’s position as the production will quadruple.
Tissue from Klippan Mill is used mainly for napkin production.

The decided investment of 150 million SEK will mean new recruitments of about 20-25 people.

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Svenska Pappersbruket on Tissue World 2017

Svenska Pappersbruket AB was exhibiting on this years Tissue World in Milan, the leading global event serving the tissue industry worldwide.