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If you visit a fancy restaurant in Barcelona, it is possible that your elegant black serviette was made using our tissue paper. And if you fly between New York and London, the airline’s profiled serviettes in branded blue may well have their origins with us.

Swedish tissue paper conquers the world

For over 450 years, our business has been characterised by innovation, expertise and great flexibility – which still applies today! We have a strong and mutual relationship with our local community. Loyal, well-skilled employees have always been one of the reasons for our success, and the mill has sustained many generations. Today, Klippans Bruk is a modern, specialist paper mill that is entirely devoted to manufacturing tissue paper. Our annual production capacity exceeds 40,000 tonnes. We sell this tissue paper to experts all around the world, who convert it into serviettes and medical products.

Klippans bruk

Our color library contains more than 150 colors, but this does not restrict the possibilities. We can produce tissue paper in any one of millions of colors – whatever the customer wishes. Thanks to our skilled employees and our quality-assured process, we can even supply exactly the same color time and time again. Tissue paper from Klippans Bruk is also renowned for its high levels of usability and printability, which means that our customers’ machines can continue to run smoothly without any costly stops.

Klippans Bruk stands for tradition and innovation in equal measure. The company’s roots go as far back as 1573, and the mill has existed in the same place for almost four-hundred years. Throughout ts history, the local community, the mill and the people that live in the surrounding area have enjoyed strong bonds, and the town that developed around the mill bears the same name as the company.

Through all this time, many different sorts of paper have been produced at the mill, including paper for newspapers and stamps, and fine paper. The production of tissue paper began in the early 1960s, and this has been the sole specialist focus of Klippans Bruk since 2008.

Pappersproduktion genom åren
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