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Our tissue paper

We produce high-quality, deep-colored tissue paper in Sweden, using mainly Swedish raw materials. Our tissue paper has a range of properties that makes it a popular choice among converters all around the world. Although it is most commonly used for napkins, it is also used in medical care products.

Let us contribute to your success

Unlike many other producers of tissue paper, we do not convert our own product. Instead, our objective is to supply those engaged in converting with an unbeatable raw material – we want to see you succeed. Our tissue paper is well-known for its exceptional usability and printability. This means that it allows advanced conversion machines and printing presses to operate freely, without costly stops.

Fast delivery, regardless of choice of color

Our color library features more than 150 different colors, but you don’t need to choose just one. We deep-dye the tissue paper in your chosen color, and thanks to the expertise of our employees, we can provide you with exactly the same color, time and time again. In addition, our tissue paper is colorfast, so you can be sure that your end product will not bleed color onto cloths or clothing. For the printing of logos or patterns, our durable white tissue paper provides the perfect base.

Regardless of which color you choose, our supply times are short – we can produce any color within the space of one month. For more information, please see our production calendar.

Product facts

  • Diameter
  • Maximum 1400 mm
    Between 200 mm and 1700 mm
Layer and weight
  • Layers
  • 1-ply
    Between 17 gsm and 26 gsm
  • 2-ply
    Between 15 gsm and 26 gsm
  • 3-ply
    Between 15 gsm and 26 gsm
Colors and selections
  • Colors
    48 standard colors. Samples can be sent upon request. We can also match your own color. Minimum quantity is 8t.
  • Environment
    FSC and Ecolabel-certified tissue available upon request.
This week tissue in this color range is produced

A material of possibilities

Our tissue paper can be found in many, wide-ranging products. Do not hesitate to challenge us with new product ideas!

What can we do for you?

What kind of tissue paper does your company need, and how quickly do you need it to be supplied? Klippans Bruk is a small but specialised paper mill, providing great flexibility and fast service. Contact us and we’ll find a solution to your needs!
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