Quality policy

One of the world's leading producers of deep-coloured paper tissue for napkin production.

Svenska Pappersbruket AB develops, produces and merchandises special products in fine paper industry.
Svenska Pappersbruket AB shall answer to the new market demands as quick as possible, with all the possible flexibility and innovation. At the same time, we shall improve and increase our quality levels through long-term cooperation with our customers as partners in development.
We shall deliver the goods and services with the right quality, at the right time.
Our basic rule for our quality work shall be to do right from the start, in order to avoid excessive sorting of the goods.
We shall have clear and measurable goals in our quality work and shall strive towards improvement.
While improving customer satisfaction, we shall also work on improving our quality system.
Our employees shall be introduced to our quality policy and quality system. At the same time, we shall make sure that they have right competencies for their tasks.
In order to achieve success in the improvement work, it is important to develop a sense of responsibility with all the employees.
This policy shall be available for public at company`s website.

Klippan, October 2nd, 2009

Olle Grundberg, CEO