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Flexibility is a factor for success in the context of the coronavirus pandemic

Since the spring, large parts of the world have been paralysed by the challenging circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. At an early stage, Swedish companies were offered emergency assistance by the state, but Klippans Bruk chose to abstain this.

“It has been our objective to keep our production going, and we have been successful in this”, explains Sales and Marketing Director, Susanne Hägerstrand.

Because many hotels, restaurants and cafés were closed due to the coronavirus, we saw a drastic drop in demand for tissue paper. At the same time, however, the demand for toilet paper skyrocketed.

One of the mill’s agents asked whether Klippans Bruk had the expertise and the capacity to produce toilet paper, alongside tissue paper.

“After a quick discussion, we accepted the challenge. At a small mill like ours, the decision-making process is very quick”, explains Susanne Hägerstrand.

The time between the initial idea and the finished product took less than two weeks, thanks to our flexibility, creativity, professionalism and commitment, together with our good collaboration with our suppliers and agents from all around the world.

“Everybody who has been involved has played their part, and it is great to see what can be achieved when we work together. Here at the mill, we are incredibly proud of the products we were able to produce in a very short space of time”, says Susanne Hägerstrand.

As the effects of the pandemic have begun to recede in several countries, there has been a cautious increase in the demand for tissue paper.

“We have no way of knowing how much longer we will be affected by the pandemic, but we now know that our organisation has what it takes to cope with really challenging situations. This gives us great confidence as we face an uncertain future.”

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