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Tissue paper production in Klippan

Positive start for PM11

In August 2019, we launched PM11 – Klippans Bruk’s new paper machine, amounting to an investment of SEK 170 million.

Production Manager Lennart Larsson can now look back on a successful first year with PM11.

“We are really pleased with our new machine. After just a few hours, it was already producing products that complied with our quality requirements”, he says.

The new machine has been given the number 11 as it is the eleventh paper machine the mill has had since it started.

“PM11 was a keenly awaited addition, and it enables us to continue to grow and develop – both in our existing and future markets. It has increased our production capacity by 400%, although, during the spring, the coronavirus caused us to produce different qualities to what we are accustomed to, such as toilet paper”, explains Lennart Larsson.

PM11 was made by the Italian company Recard, and it was assembled piece by piece in one of the existing buildings close to the mill. Before the heavy machine could be put into place, the entire building was renovated and the floor was reinforced.

“We chose to make use of an old building instead of building a new one. This provides the logistical advantage that we now have short distances between our paper machines and our rolling machines”, explains Lennart Larsson.

In conjunction with the introduction of PM11, the number of personnel at the mill has almost doubled. The recruitment and training of new employees began back in 2018 – the ability to produce high-quality tissue paper is not something that can be learned overnight.

“Our operators have undergone rigorous training, and they have been given time to grow into their roles. We now have five well-skilled shift teams that combine experienced and new employees, and this gives us the opportunity to continue to refine our production.”

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