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Klippans Bruk celebrates 450 years of papermaking!

2023 was a very special year for us here at Klippans Bruk. During 2023 we celebrated 450 years of papermaking here at the mill and that we are one of the oldest still active papermills in the world! We have been producing paper at this same location since 1639, although the roots go as far back as 1573! For 450 years the business has been characterised by innovation, expertise and great flexibility – and it still applies today! One of the reasons for the mill’s success is our staff, in past times as well as today. We are 55 loyal, well-skilled and flexible men and women at a modern specialist papermill that are entirely devoted to manufacturing tissue paper for the whole world! Below you can see the itinerary for our year of celebration.

Steen Clausen Bille started producing paper at Herrevadskloster in 1573. In the year 1639 the mill moved to the place where it’s still located today. During 2023 we celebrated 450 years of papermaking!
Jubilee itinerary

March 28-30
Come see us at Tissue
World in Düsseldorf!

April 22
for the public

May 13
for employees

June 15
We welcome
all customers!

July 7 – 30
Musical “Bruksspelet”
Speakers with
various themes

September 10
for the public

October 19
We welcome
all suppliers!

December 2
for our personnel

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